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    ITEM NO: CPP20170626
  • Pencil Case

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    Pencil Case

    ITEM NO.:201612001 DES.:PENCIL CASE SIZE:25*10*3.5cm ITEM NO.:201612002 DES.:PENCIL CASE SIZE:20.5*8.5*3cm ITEM NO.:201612003 DES.:PENCIL CASE SIZE:21.5*6*6cm ITEM NO.:201612004 DES.:PENCIL CASE SIZE:21*6.5*2cm ITEM NO.:201612005 DES.:PENCIL CASE SIZE:23*8*2.5cm ITEM...
  • Highlighter And Gel Pen Set

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    Highlighter And Gel Pen Set

    ITEM NO:CPP2016070506 DES: HIGHLIGHTER AND GEL PEN SET SIZE: 17x22cm PACKING:96pcs/ctn MEAS: 39*37*44cm G.NW: 7.5/7kg
  • 4 Gel Pens

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    4 Gel Pens

    ITEM NO:CPP2016070505 DES: 4 GEL PENS SIZE: 10x22cm PACKING:240pcs/ctn MEAS: 52.5*36.5*40cm G.NW: 11.8/11.3kg
  • A5 Spiral Notebook

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    A5 Spiral Notebook

    ITEM NO:CPP2016070504 DES:A5 SPIRAL NOTEBOOK SIZE: 16.5x1.5x21cm PACKING:48pcs/ctn MEAS: 38*22.5*34.5cm G.NW: 15/14.5kg
  • Dairy Gift Set

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    Dairy Gift Set

    ITEM NO: CPP2016070503 DES: DAIRY GIFT SET SIZE: 17*2.5*22cm PACKING:48pcs/ctn MEAS: 55*23*36cm G.NW: 15/14.5kg
  • Filled Pencil Case

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    Filled Pencil Case

    ITEM NO: CPP2016070502 DES: FILLED PENCIL CASE SIZE: 19x1x10cm PACKING:96pcs/ctn MEAS: 44*31*24cm G.NW: 5.2/4kg
  • Box Mega Size Pipe Cleaners

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    Box Mega Size Pipe Cleaners

    ITEM NO:CPP2016070507 DES:Box mega size pipe cleaners SIZE: 35x10cmx10cm PACKING:12pcs/ctn MEAS: 44.5*37*32.5cm G.NW: 3.5/2.5kg
  • Big Stationery Suit

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    Big Stationery Suit

    ITEM NO: CPP20261 DES: 67pcs Stationery Set SIZE: 21.5x4.5x28.5cm ITEM NO: CPP20262 DES: 52 pcs Stationery Set SIZE: 20.5x3.5x26cm ITEM NO: CPP20263 DES: 34 pcs Stationery Set SIZE: 14.5x3x21.5cm ITEM NO: CPP20445 DES: 60 Pieces Stationery set SIZE: 29*4*39cm ITEM NO:...
  • Mini Stationery Suit

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    Mini Stationery Suit

    ITEM NO: CPP20250 DES: 5 Piece Sationery Set SIZE: 18x3x29.5cm ITEM NO: CPP20308 DES: Memo pad with pen SIZE: 8.2*2*21cm ITEM NO: CPP20441 DES: 5 pieces stationery set SIZE: 21*1.5*25cm ITEM NO:CPP20474 SIZE: 26x14cm PACKING:48pcs/ctn MEAS: 56*28*15cm G.NW: 5.5/7.5kg ITEM...
  • Personalized Notebook

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    Personalized Notebook

    ITEM NO: CPP20264 DES: Note Book SIZE: 9x1.5x14cm ITEM NO: CPP20265 DES: Note Book SIZE: 9x1.6x14cm ITEM NO: CPP20367 DES: Note book SIZE: 14.5*1.4*21cm ITEM NO:CPP20468 DES: Note book SIZE: 9x1.5x14cm ITEM NO:CPP20469 DES: Note book SIZE: 9x1.5x14cm ITEM NO: CSS60060 DES: 6...
  • Customized Design Diary

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    Customized Design Diary

    ITEM NO: CPP20249 DES: Diary SIZE: 12.7x0.8x17cm ITEM NO: CPP20258 DES: Diary SIZE: 12.7x0.8x17cm ITEM NO: CPP20259 DES: Diary SIZE: 12.7x0.8x17cm ITEM NO: CPP20260 DES: Diary SIZE: 12.7x0.8x17cm ITEM NO: CPP20266 DES: Diary SIZE: 12.7x0.8x17cm ITEM NO: CPP20277 DES: Diary...
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