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Toys Can Mobilize The Enthusiasm Of Children Activities

Toys have some effect on the growth of children

Toy structure The meaning of the game is mainly through the construction of various objects or buildings, can promote the development of thinking and hands-on habits, the formation of the purpose of the use of a variety of materials, the use of a variety of materials in the process, you can directly understand the various substances Performance, understanding of the shape of various materials, the number of, Toys and in the structure to obtain the use of a variety of materials knowledge and experience, and the child's design, the ability to conceive, can also get exercise. Such as building blocks to take a piece of land to take, layer by layer to fight, build a building, repair a reservoir, to go through a number of failures will be successful, which will exercise children's will is a good way. In the case of

Toys are children's angels, why do you say so? In the process of children around the world, toys play a great role. Toys with its bright colors, beautiful, singular shape, smart activities, Toys sweet sounds to attract the child's curiosity and attention. Toy is a specific physical object, similar to the physical image, to meet the children hands and feet, manipulate the desire to play with objects. Variety of toys, play changeable, can cause children's interest, good toys can stimulate children's desire to play the game, children learn textbooks, but also their favorite life partner.

Toys can mobilize the enthusiasm of children activities. In the case of

The child's physical and mental development is achieved in the activity. Toys can be free for children free to play, manipulate and use, in line with the child's psychological hobbies and ability level. To meet the needs of their activities, to improve the enthusiasm of the activities. Such as "rocking" toys, Toys children will naturally ride, swing back and forth, both to meet the requirements of their activities, but also make them have a positive and happy mood, so long play tire. Another example is the "doll" toys, children can cause a variety of activities, Toys children of all ages according to their own life experience, with dolls to do the game, from simple to complex, varied.

Toys can enhance perceptual knowledge. In the case of

Toys with intuitive image of the characteristics of children can touch, take, listen, blow, see, etc., is conducive to a variety of sensory training. Such as color sets of towers, blow toys, all kinds of dolls and toys and animals are conducive to visual training; octave bear, small piano, tambourine, small horn, etc. Toys can be trained hearing; building blocks, plastic film, structural model can develop Space awareness; all kinds of puzzles, inlaid toys, soft plastic toys can exercise touch feel; pull duck car, trolley, tricycle, Toys two-wheeled vehicles and so contribute to the development of movement. Toys in the development of sensory and athletic ability at the same time not only enriched the emotional knowledge of children, but also help to consolidate the impression of children in life, when young children can not reach a wide range of real life, they are through toys to understand the world.

Toys can cause children's association activities. In the case of

Such as the hospital toys, dolls home toys can cause children to the hospital and family associations, can promote children to carry out creative role of the game; some tools of labor toys, can cause young children to plant trees, dig river, construction and other simulated labor. Toys Some toys are devoted to thinking training, such as various chess games, all kinds of intellectual toys, can improve the child analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment, reasoning and other skills, training thinking depth, flexibility and agility.

Active thinking, imagination and other activities, and through the hands or other activities of the body show. Such as playing "plastic" toys, children to conceive, to imagine, to achieve the purpose of the selected materials; hands-on assembly, both hands, but also brains. Toys Children in the use of toys will encounter some difficulties, these difficulties require them to rely on their own strength to overcome, and insist on the completion of the task, thus cultivating to overcome difficulties, struggling to good quality.

Help to cultivate the collective concept and the spirit of cooperation. In the case of

Some toys are required for children to use together. Such as "phone" toys, have both sides of the call, and even have a caller, can help children understand learning and living experience, Toys practice and peer cooperation. Another example is the "long rope" toys, itself requires many children to use the collective, children in the long jump rope game, coordinate each other's actions, enhance the collective concept.