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Toy Is An Important Partner In Our Childhood

Toys are children's angels, why do you say so? In the process of children around the world, toys play a great role. Toys with its bright colors, beautiful, strange shape, smart activities, sweet sounds to attract the child's curiosity and attention. Toy is the actual reality of the object, similar to the image of the kind, can meet the children hands and feet, manipulate the desire to play with objects. Variety of toys, play changeable, Toys can cause children's interest, good toys can stimulate children's desire to play the game, children learn textbooks, but also their favorite life partner.

The toy is created by the children to carry out various kinds of game activities. What is the importance of toys for children? Many homemade toys are produced like this. Parents and children together to create toys, while the game itself is also the game, but also learn to make toys, Toys the game is more abundant not only homemade toys, but also buy a good commodity toys, young children often see toys just think of The game.

The characteristics of the toy is a certain shape, color, sound, making toys, there are different soft and hard, light weight, smooth or rough and other characteristics, children in the use of toys to play the game, to promote their various senses to see, Listen, touch, grasp, fiddle with, Toys develop their various senses, various movements. But also the development of their attention, memory, imagination and thinking, toys particularly in line with pre-school children's intuitive perception of action and specific image of the development needs of thinking, Toys is to help children know the surrounding environment an excellent tool.

For example, children's color vision through the toy can be a very good development, children perceive things when the differentiation ability is poor, in many things to identify the need for the object is difficult 'toys can be all kinds of objects or objects to Different colors show, so that children are easy to identify because of color, while children in the braid recognition of color, identify the different objects, Toys so children's toys require bright and bright, can cause children happy mood, and thus actively identify the color and things The Children's color vision development is a process. Two or three-year-old children can distinguish between red and yellow three primary colors, three or four years old children in addition to these primaries, but also to identify the orange, Toys purple and some mixed color, four years old, children can gradually distinguish some saturation of different colors , Such as red and light red, dark green and light green and so on.

Toys in the shape and sound, etc. also have to promote children to actively develop awareness, causing pleasant emotions and other special features. Many toys, such as various cartoons, animations, dolls and animal toys, are often summarized, refined, highlighted or exaggerated on typical parts, Toys making some of the features of the stylized witty, funny, To promote the development of children's positive good mood, rich children's appearance. The development of children's imagination and thinking, to stimulate children to play the game's positive desire. Therefore, toys play a very important role in inspiring children's game interests. Toys Games and toys are often linked to children's activities. To stimulate children to carry out game activities, in addition to enriching children's life knowledge, we must study toys The development. To develop good toys and must seriously study the various stages of development of children in the physical and psychological development needs, Toys good toys not only stimulate children's hobbling interest, but also help them to deepen the understanding and understanding of the surrounding people to help them to imitate Explore, imagine and experiment. To help them get a lot of skills, China's famous children educator Mr. Chen Heqin as early as 1939, said, "play is important, toys are more important. Must have a lot of things to help in order to play in order to meet the play "In recent years, it has been suggested that children's toys are the best enlightenment teaching aids. In short, toys for children's game is indeed indispensable, is very important.

Toy is an important partner in our childhood life, no toy childhood seems to be a shortcoming, but also an incomplete. Prior to this, the toy for us, seems to be a funny child, Toys for the children to play the nature, but with the scientific argument and progress, the rest of the toys are more and more significant. So, for the growing baby, the importance of the performance of toys in what areas?

Again, different sizes, different texture of the toy can make the baby's grip to get exercise. Most of the edges and corners of this toy are not clear enough, but easy to grasp. Toys Such as small balls and plush dolls.

In addition, the baby in the process of playing, you can join the same age partner, or father and mother to be with. And thus make their sense of cooperation gradually deepened and strengthened.

Finally, the toy can also enhance the baby's emotions. Life we are not difficult to find the baby often have to talk to the toy, they also regard the toy as a living body, and then with the dialogue.

Therefore, from this, the effect of toys is still very rich. At the same time, this requires parents and friends to buy toys for the baby when there is a certain relevance. We should be full use of toys, so that the process of playing a lot of children happy, a lot of gains.