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Stationery Mainly Includes Students Stationery And Office Stationery

Stationery including students stationery and office stationery, gift stationery and so on. Modern interpretation should refer to the office of some of the most common modern stationery: signature pen, pen, pens, pencils, ballpoint pens, etc., as well as ancillary supplies such as pen. Other office supplies include: notebooks, paper bags, file envelopes, calculators and so on.

For students in particular, the functional nature of stationery is the basic premise, but the interest in stationery, fashion is the primary consideration of the purchase of stationery, which determines the student stationery consumption has a very obvious repeat purchase characteristics. Students in the pencil-box usually have a variety of students stationery products, similar functions, but a wide range of students are often the pursuit of new things, Stationery the popularity of a of animation can instantly drive a series of surrounding products selling, however, under the impact of the emergence of the next new popular element, the market hot spot may quickly shift, Stationery with the new popular element changes and the purchase of functionally similar products, a strong repeat purchase feature means the student stationery market potential huge market capacity, Stationery For stationery production enterprises have a high demand for new research and development capabilities.

Stationery mainly includes students stationery and office stationery.

Students stationery is a most important branch of stationery, the main use group is students. Student stationery category includes: Pencil bag, pencil box, pencils, automatic pencils, watercolor pens, whiteboard pens, ballpoint pens, neutral pen, oil painting stick, oily pen, crayon, pen, schoolbag, eraser, pencil sharpener, pen, liquid glue, solid glue, ruler type, compass, knife, scissors, book, Correction belt, folder, book, document Bag, Sketchpad, pen core and so on.

Office stationery, as the name suggests, is office stationery, and students stationery has a great difference. Office stationery is the main location of the crowd is enterprises, institutions, factories, government agencies, etc., Office stationery is a feature of the pursuit of practical durability, Stationery not to seek popular patterns. This is also a different stationery with the students the classification of Office stationery is also very extensive, such as three-pin one nails, accounting supplies, text tube supplies, document vouchers. It is worth mentioning that some of the labor supplies, tea supplies are also some stationery companies into the office supplies, Stationery because they are also required for office things.