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Stationery Is An Indispensable And Important Tool

Stationery is our indispensable learning partner, they do not complain for everyone to serve.

I believe that everyone in today's daily life, will come into contact with stationery, whether students or some people who have entered the social work, it is an indispensable and important tool. But what is the understanding of such an important tool, and what are the main categories? So the following for everyone to introduce it briefly. In fact, its main classification is probably divided into two kinds, Stationery the first is the student commonly used student stationery, the other is some office stationery. Then what kind of characteristics between the two of them have their own? Under normal circumstances, the student stationery is commonly used by students of various stationery, such as pencils, ball pens and pen, etc., of course, which also includes some pencil cases pencils, bags, Stationery paper bags and ruler compass and so on. The biggest feature of these stationery is the price is relatively cheap, because it is mainly for the crowd is a student, and students of the relatively low level of consumption, so the general shop will set a more affordable price to meet the actual consumption habits of students. In addition, Stationery it also has a characteristic, that is, sales are relatively large, because the students use the stationery every day more time, so the replacement rate is relatively fast, so many shops will choose some students stationery placed in the shop out of the outermost, For the students to find the fastest speed, so that the product can make a better sales.

The so-called stationery, small to the staples, pen, the folder, large to the printer, copier, shredders, attendance clock, whiteboard, and so are office stationery. According to the current retail store operating conditions show that the office supplies industry is no longer operating a simple office stationery, its scope is constantly expanding, in addition to the traditional office stationery, student supplies, teaching supplies, art supplies, financial supplies are familiar with , There are OA equipment office supplies, office furniture, IT products, Stationery labor protection supplies, computer peripheral supplies, cleaning supplies; there are extended by the office books, audio and video, office magazines, office food, office drinks and other and office Business-related services will also make a difference, such as flowers, dry cleaning, ticket hotel agents, pure water, housing leasing, on behalf of the recruitment and so on.

 What are the characteristics of office stationery? First of all, Stationery it has the characteristics of variety diversity, because in the office work is not as students write homework as simple and boring, office work is generally numerous and complex, it will inevitably use a variety of tools, Stationery and we most Commonly used is the stapler, calculator, books, convenience stickers, etc., of course, office stationery also contains some office supplies and office equipment, such as printers, binding machines, fax machines and scanners, etc., so the type of office stationery is many different types of. Second, the office supplies tend to be more practical and durable, Stationery the general company in the choice of office equipment, will first select some long life and practical products, so as to save the company to replace the equipment funds, so the general office stationery Are very practical, as long as this will not be easily eliminated by the market and then more development. Finally, the general office stationery are mainly external to the main, unlike some of the students with stationery products in order to successfully attract students' eyes and was decorated with a variety of fancy, office appliances more is the pursuit of practical Not the pursuit of external beauty, and this is its biggest difference with the students and appliances.

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