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Stationery Is A General Term For Cultural Supplies

Stationery is a pen, ink, paper, inkstone and other cultural supplies collectively, including students stationery and office stationery, gift stationery and so on. Modern interpretation should refer to the office of some of the most common modern stationery: signature pen, pen, pens, pencils, ballpoint pens, etc., as well as ancillary supplies such as pen. Other office supplies include: office paper, cutting paper knives, feet, notebooks, file bags, file envelopes, calculators and so on.

For students in particular, Stationery the functional nature of stationery is the basic premise, but the interest in stationery, fashion is the primary consideration of the purchase of stationery, which determines the student stationery consumption has a very obvious repeat purchase characteristics. Students in the pencil-box usually have a variety of students stationery products, similar functions, but a wide range of students are often the pursuit of new things, the popularity of a of animation can instantly drive a series of surrounding products selling, however, Stationery under the impact of the emergence of the next new popular element, the market hot spot may quickly shift, with the new popular element changes and the purchase of functionally similar products, a strong repeat purchase feature means the student stationery market potential huge market capacity, Stationery For stationery production enterprises have a high demand for new research and development capabilities.

Stationery Features:

(1) The market potential is huge, the consumer purchasing power continues to strengthen

(2) Stationery diversification, multi-level consumption structure has been formed, and to high-end development of office staff and students are two major consumer stationery, Stationery including enterprises and institutions are the main procurement units office stationery.

(3) Stationery industry has become an important part of the creative culture industry

(4) The development of computer network technology, so that the connotation of stationery and extension of the revolutionary changes with the rapid development of electronic technology and network, Stationery cultural supplies include the scope of the gradual expansion from the traditional pen, ink, paper, Stationery stapler and other stationery category, to the modernization, digitization and other electronic products development.

5 The National Stationery Enterprise distribution is unbalanced, the industry concentration is very low our country stationery production enterprise distribution is very uneven, presents such a characteristic: the coastal is many, the inland is few, Stationery the south is many, the north is few.